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Beautiful weather data from your own backyard

Use your Apple devices to view your Personal Weather Station data. Lovely and simply useful.

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Flexible without fuss

No new hardware to setup. No complicated software to configure.

Works with most stations

If your PWS uploads its data to Weather Underground, you can use Me.teo.

Elevate your weather data

Designed to expose all important metrics in a clean and useful way. No more scrolling through tons of graphs to get a high-level picture.

The developer is the user

Made by a weather geek, for weather geeks.

Me.teo loves Apple

Made by an Apple enthusiast, designed to fit in and play nice with the platforms you love.

A friendly user community

People sharing a common interest love to hang out. The Me.teo discussion board is the place for weather + apple fans.

Down-to-earth pricing

Reasonable restrictions for free, unrestricted use for a reasonable price.

Respects your attention

No ads. Not today, not ever.

Respects your privacy

Does not use any third-party framework, does not track you.

Take control of your weather data

Elevate your personal weather station to its full potential. See your data like never before. Detect trends with one glance.

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