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Hello! My name is Pascal and I am a weather geek. I am also a sucker for great app design and data visualisation. Ever since I installed a Personal Weather Station in my backyard, I have been disappointed in the solutions available to me for viewing the data from my PWS in a pleasant and useful way, on the go.

I also happen to be what some would call an Apple fanboy, as well as a software developer and designer. Therefore, I had to design and build yet another weather app for the iOS App Store.

But Me.teo is a different kind of weather app. It is all about the weather in your own backyard, as monitored by your personal weather station.

While some short-term forecasts are available, Me.teo is really focused on your live and historical weather data, slicing and dicing it in a way that is both useful and easy on the eyes.

Intrigued? Download the app now!

Have a nice weather!